I’ve started down a rabbit hole. I have been drawing these little simple creatures for some time now and I wanted to see if I could generate a set of them with p5.js. This is the most complex one yet. Its got:

  • Random creature generation with randomized body, ear/hair, and eyes.
  • Rarity added to certain eye/hair and eye combinations.
  • Randomized sizing with pseudo box packing
  • Various color pallets and random tint adjustments are done to each run.
  • Texture background with rare circle packing background

I’m planning on tweaking this further.¬†Thanks to the Generative Discord server for giving me ideas on where to go with this.

I have the p5.js script set up so it will generate a batch of images at a time, here’s a sample of the output:

The code for this one is up on GitHub if you want to see how I went about this.