Nocturnal Pink Xylophone

I went and did it, I made an NFT. I was on the fence for a long time but I thought I’d give it a go with one of my recent sketches. I looked into different marketplaces and ended up using fxhash. What I really liked about fxhash is that its minting process requires javascript to mint off of. That seemed to be a simple jump from how I was already creating p5.js sketches.

The one thing I had to work with was that each generation needed to be replicable. That means that anywhere I was using random() had to be replaced with fxhash’s function fxrand() which produces replicable random numbers related to a hash. In addition to that anywhere I was using random() and the value was not something between 0 and 1 then I had to utilize p5.js’s map() function. It wasn’t too hard but took some doing to test the generations out and make sure I was getting the same generated result each time. Here are a few iterations of the new sketch using fxrand():

Mint your own on the Nocturnal Pink Xylophone fxhash page.