Late Night Sketches

Late Night Sketches on fxhash

Last night I posted my newest project to fxhash, “Late Night Sketches.”

This project is part of an experiment combining hand-drawn “squiggles” and turning them into something unexpected.

The assets used in this project were hand-drawn with markers, pens, brushes, and ink. I will sit down for several hours and draw pages of elements in one of my sketchbooks. I then scan the drawings and separate them into transparent png files in Photoshop. Then the p5.js sketch takes those images and places them according to a grid according to the project features.

There are 287 individual assets used in this project.

Drawing these “squiggles” is very meditative for me. I will put on some music, recently either Video Game Study Lounge or Lofi Hip Hop Radio, sit back in my chair, and start drawing until my hands cramp up or I have to wait for the ink to dry.

Example of one of the pages drawn for this project.