Sub Section Patina

It’s been a bit since I dropped a new project. My wife and I took a two-week trip to Greece, and then I was in Nashville for a conference. It’s been good to get back into creating something new.

Sub Section Patina is a project I was thinking about while on my trip overseas. We spent some time in Amsterdam and Athens, and while walking around downtown those two cities, I saw a lot of street art. Tags, stencils, and posters seemed to cover every available space.

I tried to code a new project in p5js that reflected the art I saw. From the drop description:

Sub Section Patina is inspired by street art and the marks and layering from that art form. If you zoom in on a small section of a wall that artists have marked, sprayed paint, and plastered with posters, some beautiful effects start to happen.

While the Sub Section Patina layers are building up, there is a tendency to destroy the layers below. The layering is similar to a wall many street artists have contributed. Sometimes just a section will be covered and filled with something else. Sometimes large areas of the canvas are covered up. Other layers will be put on top of one another, creating a new chaotic image.

Sub Section Patina was a free mint, and 1000 editions were minted in about an hour. If you missed it, there are still quite a few on the secondary going for cheap.

A sample of the minted pieces from Sub Section Patina