Over the weekend, I started a few new pieces that I think could turn into a series. I’m playing with CMYK halftones and stippling textures applied to AI-generated images. 

A surreal collage that combines a black and white photographic portrait of a woman seen from the back with a vibrant, colorful display of flowers in a vase. The left side of the image features a grayscale, textured photograph of the woman, while the right side shows brightly colored flowers against a textured background. The artwork merges themes of contrast between monochrome and color, and the organic shapes of the human figure with the detailed floral elements, creating a blend of vintage and modern aesthetics.

Juxtaposition 1

After getting many versions from this prompt in DALL-E 3, I got a few images that I liked and could base this work on. I wanted to get something to the point where these could be physically printed and hand-screened. I’ve been itching to get my screen printing setup back up. 

I love using chunky halftones. For the color/flower half, I used a ten LPI halftone for each CMYK layer. I used the black-and-white textures from True Grit Texture Supply’s Halftone Zine Machine texture. I’ve used this tool for halftones before, but this is the first time using the “Pointilism” texture. I like how that texture turned out and will use it again.

Juxtaposition 2

Juxtaposition 3

Juxtaposition 4

Juxtaposition 5

Juxtaposition 6