Vivid Bytes

I started a new collection today on Objkt called Vivid Bytes. I’m reworking some code I made as an experiment over a year ago into a fxhash project. I really liked the look of the outputs from that experiment and have been thinking of freshening it up for a while. I also found another AI… Continue reading Vivid Bytes

Pattern Tiles

I started working on a new p5js sketch this week to make seamless background patterns. I started with an underlying grid and walked over each of those cells, adding a piece to this worm-like pattern. Some will continue on to the next cell. Others will terminate and start a new part of the pattern. I… Continue reading Pattern Tiles


I’ve started down a rabbit hole. I have been drawing these little simple creatures for some time now and I wanted to see if I could generate a set of them with p5.js. This is the most complex one yet. Its got: Random creature generation with randomized body, ear/hair, and eyes. Rarity added to certain… Continue reading Creatures

Hello new site!

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this site so I figured I’d start from scratch with WordPress. I haven’t done much in WordPress up till now but I have some customers who are requesting it at work, so I guess it’s time to take the plunge. I still have many sites that I… Continue reading Hello new site!