Hatching practice

I’ve been working on more drawings to add to my Coloring Book collection on Objkt. Along with the squiggle drawings, I’ve been making a few to practice hatching and shading. I’ve been starting by creating a bunch of overlapping shapes and then figuring out the light angle. Then I added hatching to approximate the roundness… Continue reading Hatching practice


Concordance is a study of color relationships in a grid structure. The p5.js sketch starts with a simple pallet. Then each color is “lerped” to get levels of transition between the colors. Each color of this newly expanded pallet walks over a grid of cells to simulate rows or columns of gradients. I opened this… Continue reading Concordance


Tunnels is my newest project dropped on fxhash. ‘Tunnels’ explores using generative backgrounds to lead a field of isometric shapes. How the foreground and background interact varies wildly from generation to generation. ‘Tunnels’ can seem to have an exit and sometimes seem to lead into nowhere. https://www.fxhash.xyz/generative/21164 Like a few previous projects, I created a… Continue reading Tunnels

Sub Section Patina

It’s been a bit since I dropped a new project. My wife and I took a two-week trip to Greece, and then I was in Nashville for a conference. It’s been good to get back into creating something new. Sub Section Patina is a project I was thinking about while on my trip overseas. We… Continue reading Sub Section Patina